Weave Drafting with Di

Posted by VP on 15 October 2016 | 0 Comments

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Weave drafting is a way of developing a written plan to produce a piece of woven fabric on a loom. Like a recipe, you can follow a prepared plan, or you can experiment with your own 'ingredients'; change the tie-up, the threading, the treadling, the colours of the warp or weft - to produce a different cloth. A unique cloth, YOUR cloth.

Di Kearney led us through all the elements with a set of exercises, stretching our brains and making us play with coloured pencils and graph paper. Colouring in - with a purpose! We then had two pieces of woven fabric from which we had to duplicate the draft, so out came the pins and magnifying glasses.

Di left us with some valuable patterns, and showed us some brilliant texts, among which were "The Weaving Patterns of Edward Hussey", being notes on Edward Hussey: His Patern Book, 1878, by Mary Williams (published by the HWSD Guild of Tasmania); and "The Handweavers Pattern Directory (4 shaft looms) by Anne Dixon.