Natural Dye Day, with Di

Posted by VP for Di McPherson & Claire on 19 October 2013 | 2 Comments

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The natural dye workshop with Di McPherson was a great opportunity to learn natural dyeing techniques and become familiar with two of our local native dye plants, Eucalyptus Cordata and Native Cherry.

After an inspirational look at some of Di’s naturally dyed shibori fabrics and samples we all eagerly got to work tieing and clamping fabrics, skeining wool yarn and bundling fleece.

Meanwhile Joy Rees was tending the dye pots and I couldn’t resist snooping around to see what was going on and to sniff the gorgeous eucalyptus aroma wafting about.

Finally we were ready to start adding bundles of fabric into the pots. I was particularly interested in learning about mordants. I have read a little bit about natural dying over the years but mordants had still seemed very mysterious to me. However, after the workshop, I feel much more informed and comfortable to experiment on my own.

The excitement built through the day as beautiful colour and pattern was unveiled as items were dyed and we rushed to get fabrics and skeins ready for redyeing in the next dye pot.

At the end of the day we had a grand time showing and admiring results of our work and perhaps taking forward some ideas for future dyeing. Thank you to Di and Joy for putting on such an informative and inspirational workshop!