Anita Larkin 2018

Posted by AS on 24 March 2018 | 0 Comments


Anita is an established Australian Sculptor using Felt as an integral component in her found object works. She conducted a two day workshop in Deloraine and another in Hobart on creating 3D forms based on natural objects.

Her knowledge of how to control the fusing of fibres through friction and heat is extensive and was very clearly passed on to us. We started on day one with a simple resist based 3D form incorporating pockets, flaps, holes, ridges and layers - then applied our knowledge to individually planned forms on the second day. Our results varied hugely in appearance – from my very own “dead duck” to a stunning seven layered pod by Sally Ridgeway! Previous experiences did help with the level of achievement in finished works but certainly did not hinder the learning of technique and understanding of the process. Those of us who were beginners made huge leaps forward. Participants also got a three page print out of Anita’s “Pearls of Wisdom” for general application to felting of all types.

As a first timer to learning through short workshops with established artists I strongly recommend it as a way of rapidly improving your control of a chosen media. Short bites of intense learning, manageable costs, collegial environment and personal satisfaction – a great way to learn.

In late March 2019, we have a booking with the wonderful Queensland Felt Artist Wendy Bailye to conduct a workshop in Deloraine and another in Hobart on her techniques of felting for clothing fabric. As details are confirmed for this they will be advertised through the Guild Web and Co-ordinators notices.