The Guild organises workshops throughout the State with local, national and international tutors
If you have suggestions for a workshop please let a committee member know or email the Workshops Officer

Workshops Planned. For more information contact Workshops Officer or use this form to register. (previous workshops listed below)

2019 SHB2019S 22nd - 24th Feb (Sat/Sun) Woven Shibori: Weave to Dye
Southern Tasmania: Snug Primary School
Kay Faulkner
Members: $150
Non members: $170+$36
Information: Enquiry Flier
2019 L2W2019 Sat 30 Mar & Sat 6 Apr (2 days)


To go on waitlist please email the Workshops Officer


Parish Room, St Georges Church, Battery Point

Joy Rees

Jillian Brammer

Members $120
Non-members $140

Waitlist Enquiry


 2019  L2S2019  Sat 11 May 2019

Learn to Spin Workshop - THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL. To go on the waitlist please send a request here.

 Parish Room, St Georges Church, Battery Point Margaret Miller

Members $50
Non-members $75




2019 BTBs2019 Sat 8 June 2019

Beyond the Basics Spinning Workshop: THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL. To go on the waitlist please email the Workshops Officer

Extend your spinning skills in this 1-day workshop

Parish Room, St Georges Church, Battery Point Margaret Miller

Members $50
Non-members $75













 Costs for Workshop Tutors & Participants

Payment methods

Mail cheque to the Guild, PO Box 163, Battery Point, 7004 or fill in payment/credit card details on the Workshop Registration Form.

All workshops must be paid in advance and bookings will be confirmed on receipt of payment & enrolment form. In event of Guild cancelling, a full refund will be given.

If you are unable to attend refund will be at Guild's discretion, or, you can offer your place to someone else.



17th & 18th February; Felting Workshop, Natural Forms - Deloraine, with Anita Larkin. See some results
17th February; Weavers Dyeing Workshop, with Joy Rees. See some results
20th & 21st February; Felting Workshop, Layered Resists - Deloraine, with Anita Larkin.
24th & 25th February; Felting Workshop, Natural Forms - Hobart, with Anita Larkin
28th June; Winter School Spinning Art yarn, with Viv Crawford
29th June; Winter School Eco Dyeing, with Linda Chee
30th June; Winter School Eco Dyeing, with Linda Chee
30th June and 1st July; Winter School Fun With Rugs, with Gerlinde Binning
4th & 5th August; Backstrap Weaving, with Laverne Waddington
11th August; Learn to Spin in Just One Day, with Margaret and Doris. See the fun they had.
25th August; Eco Dyeing, with Linda Chee.



8 April; Art Yarns with Viv Crawford.
29th April & 16th May; Learn to Weave with Jillian Brammer and Joy Rees. See the results.
17th - 22nd May; Weaving at Poatina
20th May & 27th May; Learn to Spin with Margaret Miller & Maureen Hudson.
16th, 17th, 18th & 19th August; Backstrap weaving with Laverne Waddington from Bolivia, in Hobart and Deloraine
16th & 17th, 19th & 20th, September; Weaving Workshops by Mr Koichi Tanji from Hataoto Weaving School in Japan.



12 January; Sock Yarn Dyeing for Pattern Repeat, with Berris. See the pics
26 March; Introduction to Weave Drafting, with Di Kearney.
20 March; Felting Illuminated Lampshades, with Stratie. See the lamps
22 May; Weave Drafting session #2,  with Di Kearney. 
21-22 May; Saori Workshop, with Kaz Madigan aka The Curious Weaver. See it
30 - 31 August; Art Yarn, with Viv Crawford in Launceston. See the blog
15 October; Weave Drafting, with Di Kearney. See the blog
19 November; Give Spinning / Weaving A Go Day
28 & 29 November; Art Yarn with Viv at Tamar Valley
3 December; UFO Day in Hobart


6 Feb; Sun Dyes on Silk, with Lisa Febey. See results
17 Feb; Hand Manipulated Weaving, with Mary Williams. See results
26 March; Latch Hook Coaster, with Ken Wagstaff, see the blog.
21 April; Art Yarns, with Viv Crawford. see it for yourself 
9 May; Buttons Day, with Joy and Cathy.
12 June; Japanese Bag Workshop, with Joy Rees. see it for yourself
25 Sep; Natural Dye Day, at Dodges Ferry. See the fun that was had.
10 October; Give Spinning A Go Day with Yarn Store Open Day,  see it here 
6 November; Art Yarn Creation, at Nandroya Studio with Viv Crawford.  see it for yourself 
21 & 28 November; Learn To Spin, M Hudson & M Miller. 


15 Feb; Beginner Spinner, with Margaret Miller
13 March; Freeform Crochet & Knit,  with Judy Blackburn.
11 - 14 March; Not Just Indigo Workshop, with Jane Callendar
3 May; Basic Shawl Design, with Shirley Tongs
3 May; Looking at Colour & Design, with Cathie Sargeant 
16 August; Design Your Own Nuno Felted Item, with Sue Evans
18 October; Create Your own Dye Colourway, with Megan Marshall
13 October; Dyeing with Shaving Cream, with Pauline Heather (in Judbury)


20 April; Felting, 
8 June; Give Spinning A Go, 
15 June; Inlay Weaving, with Beata Parry
17 - 18 August; Crafting Sock Yarn,with Carmel Hannah
24 September; Funky Granny Square Crochet, with Gwen Smit See here.
19 October; Dyeing Naturally, with Di McPherson. See here
29 October; Brioche Knitting, with Shirley Tongs
5 November; Beginner Weavers Wind a Warp, with Joy Rees
26 November; Finishing Off Knitted Projects, with Judy Blackburn 


17 Feb; Introduction to Weaving, Threading a Loom, with Beata Parry
5 May; Knitting Workshop, with Jan Rolfe
21 May; PlayDay at Guild, spin exotic fibres
18 June; Shibori Workshop, 
2 July; Making Polymer Clay Buttons, with Donna Griggs
17 September; Dyeing Workshop - Indigo, Native Cherry, with Rene Bouffard
14 - 16 October; Weave a Tapestry, with Joy Rees


15 April; Traditional Korean Made-Up Knots #1 with Kim
17 April; New Felting Techniques with Sue Evans
15 May; Art Yarn Spinning with Jessica Black
20 May; Traditional Korean Made-Up Knots #2 with Kim
19 June; Elegant Beaded Braids, with Margaret Carmen
17 July; Felting Free -for-all with Shirley Tongs
20 July; Introduction to Inlay Weaving with Jutta Roser
21 August; Introduction to Shibori Weaving with Di Kearney & Denise Graham
18 September; Felting with Artfelt Paper with Jude Maisch
13 November; Art Yarn Spinning #1 with Margaret Miller
27 November; Art yarn Spinning #2 with Jessica Black


17 January; Open Dyeing Day with Maureen Hudson
24 April; Fun Wet Felting Day with Ailsa Richards
July; Knitting Socks with Judy Blackburn
August; Spinning - Beginners to Advanced with Maureen Hudson
17 September; Crochet Wool & Lace with Dorothy and Shirley


24 January; Japanese Bags with Joy Rees
29 March; Colouring Silk with Sylvia Parr
Tips & Advice on Sewing Up Knitted Garments with Maree Davey
17 May; Spinning, getting the most from your fleece with Maureeen Hudson
16 August; Felting with Ailsa Richards
30 August; Module Knitting with Judy Blackburn
20 September; Weave a Scarf  with Joy Rees
4 October; Spinning Workshop with Maureen Hudson


Felting Fun with Susan Judge
Needle Felting a teddy bear with Andrea Harris
Tapestry Workshop - representing the sky using simple shades and shapes
Discharge Dyeing and Nuno Felting with Sue Evans
Dévoré weaving with Anne Field