Since these early days in 2015, this group, like many others, has gone through several changes. Now known as "A Sheep Behind the Wheel"  they meet the 3rd Saturday of the month at the Midlands Memorial Community Centre, 68 High Street, Oatlands. Check out their website! 

A great day on Saturday 3 October 2015 when the recently formed Oatlands group showed their newly acquired skills.

After a call out from Dot Evans asking for Guild support 16 members from the North and the South arrived at the Old Court House in Oatlands to get a group started. Although the day was very cold there was a log fire burning and plenty of helpful chatter as we helped the new ladies begin to spin. It was so friendly and Rowena took a group along to her shop to show them what she sells. We agreed to come back in a months time to help them again and so on another very cold day another group braved the weather and sat around the open fire to get those spinning wheels moving. One wheel refused to spin in a clockwise direction but after lots of oil eventually it was able to be turned clockwise, much to the delight of the group. 

Its great to see these groups starting and Guild members supporting them. 

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Thank You Shirley Tongs for the words and photos