The Weaving Patterns of Edward Hussey

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....Being notes on Edward Husssey: His Patern Book, 1787. By Mary Williams. (Mary is a HWSD Guild of Tasmania member, and also a member of ADFAS)

In 1988 Mary received a gift that changed the direction of her work as a weaver. It was a photographed copy of a manuscript weaving book written by her husband's great-great-great-grandfather, Edward Hussey, who was a weaver in North Wales. The book was started in 1787, meaning it was written just before the Industrial Revolution, which radically altered the lives of handweavers and the history of handweaving.

Mary deciphered the material in the book and, where possible, worked out the weaving diagrams and tested them by weaving textiles from them.

Mary is a member of ADFAS (Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Societies) as well as our own Guild. The book was launched at their Hobart meeting of 5 Sep 2016 following a presentation by Stephen Richardson on ENGLISH PERIOD STYLES IN ART: 1760 – 1840 A FASCINATION WTH THE ANTIQUE, the time frame of which fitted well with Mary's book.

This is an invaluable book for anyone interested in historical weaving patterns or simply wanting unusual and beautiful patterns to weave.

Please contact the Secretary to secure your own copy, it is a marvellous resource.