West Coast Wilderness Fibre Arts 2014

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DSCN0432The West Coast Wilderness Fibre Arts 2014 was an absolute success by any and all measures; variety of crafts, items produced, skills shared and learned, weather, view and company. Opened by the Mayor of the West Coast, Robyn Gerrity, who wished everyone a successful Fibre Arts weekend, Robyn was very impressed with the quality and quantity of artisans and artistic work.

The skill and generosity of Guild members who tutored and volunteered; the full participation of the two guest craftspersons Martien and Michael who threw themselves fully into the weekend going far beyond their obligations; the outstanding food contributions by guild and non-guild members coordinated and run by Lorraine; the welcome bag upon registration; the wandering minstrel Geoff Iliff; an evening with “Over The Hill”; the Suitcase Bazaar; TexTILE swapping; the Human Knitting Machine; and the unstoppable nurturing by Stratie and Rob; it all kept the weekend on an energetic high from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Immediate Past President of the HWSD Guild Tasmania, D. Kearney, announced the Youth Mentoring Award given to 12 year old Rian Klinger, an enthusiastic member of the Burnie Spinning Group who nominated him. The award is given by Maree Davey of The Wool Shop in Moonah.

As Stratie says: 

“None of us should forget that it is the members of the Guild with their enthusiasm, willingness to share knowledge and skills, also passion for what we all love to do; coupled with a sensitivity towards each other and giving encouragement where needed, which makes W/C Wilderness Fibre Arts a success. 

 It is that simple.

 I just do what I love doing and thank you for allowing me to do it.”

 Stratie Stratford-Pearn

 The event sponsors were extremely generous and we urge you to consider supporting them whenever possible. They were:

MMG Rosebery Unity Mining Queenstown
Yoka Douglas, Bothwell Valerie Payne, Ringrove
West Coast Pioneer Museum, Zeehan Bendigo Woollen Mills
Regal Craft, Launceston Martien van Zuilen, Perth
Dundas Extended Minerals, Zeehan Can Do Books, Melbourne
Pauline Tordoff, Ridgley Bridestowe Lavender Farm, Nabowla
The Lucky Ewe, Oatlands Kimbra Shadbolt, Burnie
Strahan Village/Gordon River Cruise, Strahan The Wool Store, Moonah
Harvey Norman, Burnie Cadbury Chocolates, Hobart
Fibres and Threads, Yolla Tasmanian Special Timbers, Queenstown/Strahan.
Waverley Woollen Mills, Launceston The Yarn Store, Hobart
Forestry Tasmanian Coles, Burnie
Woolworths, Burnie Zeehan Hardware
Cheryl Smith, Zeehan Jaddy Cooper, Georgetown
Silver City Souvenirs, Zeehan Pringles IGA, Zeehan
Spotlight, Burnie Paula Sheehan, Zeehan
Rob Pearn, Zeehan  

The workshops included:

Tapestry Weaving: Michael Kay, Head of TAFE Textile Studio for 12 years, Launceston, and 2 years as Head of Uni. Tasmania Textile Studio.

Felt Inspired By Nature: Martien van Zuilen Ph.D is a Dutch/Australian Felting Tutor who is widely published and exhibited internationally.

Freeform Crochet and Knitting: Skill sharers: Kimbra Shadbolt and Dean Rivett, HWSDGuild Tasmania members.

Dyeing with Plants: Skill sharers: Renate Van Riet, HWSDGuild Tasmania member.

Card Weaving: Skill sharer: Jennifer McCulloch, HWSDGuild Tasmania member.

A Pop-Up event: Skill Sharer: Margaret Barlow, HWSDGuild Tasmania member.

Knitted Lace: Skill sharers Rebekah Scott and Christine Shearing, HWSDGuild Tasmania members.

Enjoy the photos on the GALLERY page, and please, send your photo contribution to the web elf for possible inclusion.