West Coast Wilderness Fibre Arts 2016

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The West Coast Wilderness Fibre Arts Weekend Feb 19th - 21st, 2016 was a great success. See the photos here.

The West Coast Mayor, Phil Vickers, opened the 3rd West Coast Wilderness Fibre Arts by saying he could not say 'NO' to Stratie "as it would have been like trying to say no to your own Mother". This was in the new Function room which overlooked Lake Rosebery, showcasing the wilderness beautifully through its many windows.

Registration Welcome bags were fabulous and truly reflected their name. They were generously made, donated by and packed by...

  • Bags; Joyce Clarke of Devonport & Annette Cuthbe of Burnie
  • Poetry books, Photographs and Lavender Bags; by Pauline Tordoff of Sheffield
  • Afghan Crochet Samples; by Cheryl Smith of Zeehan
  • Knitting Brooches; by Vicki Maxwell of Rosebery
  • Sheep Brooches; by Beris Sharman of Tarleton
  • Curly Long Locks Dyed Wool Samples; by Jen Eddington of Selbourne
  • Seedling of Native Shrubs; by Tasmanian Forestry
  • Packed by; Cheryl Smith, Therese Porter, Rob and Stratie, all of Zeehan.


Saturday evening following dinner Michael Kay spoke and gave a slide presentation regarding his work, and Martien van Zuilen talked of the 18 years of the “Yurt Project” including a segment on our Tasmanian input into the making of the Yurt.


  1. Workshop 1: "Seamless Adventures in Mosaic Nuno Felt, Bags and Hats" with Martien van Zuilen. 
  2. Workshop 2: "Exciting Basket Weaving" with the Tasmanian Basket Weavers.
  3. Workshop 3: "Tapestry Weaving" with Michael Kay. This was broken into 3 sessions:
  4. Workshop 3a: Saturday morning 9am - noon, Rug Sampling on the Tapestry Frame.
  5. Workshop 3b: Saturday afternoon, 1pm - 3pm. Repp Weave. This was a masterclass demonstrating Repp weave tapestry techniques. 
  6. Workshop 3c: Sunday morning 9am - noon, Tapestry Introduction. Basic introduction to people wishing to learn tapestry. Warping up a frame and basic 2 and 3 colour techniques. 
  7. Workshop 4: "Felting with a Motor Mower!" with the Wild West Coasters. 
  8. Workshop 5: "Prefelt Fine Flowers with Upwolfing", wth Stratie.
  9. Workshop 5: "Art Yarn", with Viv Crawford.
  10. Workshop 6: "Book Binding" with Peter Lendon. 
  11. Demonstration/Weave-along: "Saori Style Weaving" with Valeri Pain.
  12. Dye Pots and Stoves for the Natural Dyeing al fresco.

Raffle:  see the list. Drawn by Zeehan Police on evening Thursday 10th March 2016. And the winners are......

  1. First prize, tkt #0301, Marilyn Brack of Forth
  2. Second prize, tkt #0767, Jo Easton of Sheffield
  3. Thrid prize, tkt #0848, Bea Mayne of Kelso
  4. Fourth prize, tkt #0780, Yvonne Armstrong of Rosebery
  5. Fifth prize, tkt #0322, Toby Chilcott of Ulverstone
  6. Sixth prize, tkt $0456, Jutta Roper of Sandy Bay
  7. Seventh prize, tkt #0697, therese Porter of Zeehan
  8. Eighth prize, tkt #0519, S. Riley of Mooreville
  9. Ninth prize, tkt #0958, Dawn Fraser of Burnie
  10. Tenth prize, tkt #0132, Rosa Vera of Sisters Beach
  11. Eleventh prize, tkt #0173, Joyce Edwick of Heybridge
  12. Twelfth prize, tkt #0335, Greg Furley of Ulverstone
  13. Thirteenth prize, tkt #0395, Kerri House of Smithon


  • The Guild Yarn Store was there with an array of products we hold dear to our hearts, thanks to the endeavors of Viv Crawford.
  • The Wool Shop was there thanks to Maree Davey, with some great new Ashford products.
  • Feltfine was there some things not usually available in Tasmania, thanks to Gary Sheen, lots of fibre and texture Eye Candy!
  • Guild members conducted Suitcase Bazaar.

YOUTH MENTORING: was awarded, announced by Mayor Phil Vickers and presented by Maree Davey of The Woolshop, detail to follow.

Thank you to Valeri Pain and Shirley Tongs for the photos and words.