Tasmanian Craft Fair 2015

Posted by VP for DK, LG and ST on 26 June 2015 | 0 Comments

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We need your help!

drumsmallThe HWS&D Guild of Tasmania has once again been successful in getting a stand at the Tasmanian Craft Fair (Deloraine). (Friday October 30st – Mon Nov 2nd) I know that some people have already been busy making things in anticipation but we now only have a few short months to produce enough stock for our stall for the 4 days of the Craft Fair. (We will be advised of the actual stall venue in September.)

As this will be a working display this is again a wonderful opportunity for the Guild to be able to show the public the kinds of things that we do and also what we are capable of. As in past years we will have people demonstrating. This is an important part of the Craft Fair.

We are looking for members of the Guild to contribute towards stocking the stall. We have again had to be very specific about the kinds of items that we would stock the stall with. The list that went in with our application is attached to this letter. The list is similar to last year’s list but as there are minor changes please read it carefully. We are looking for people who think that they might be able to make some of the items on the list for the fair. If you already make and sell some of these items then it would be great if you could make some of them for our stall. Or, if you think you could make some of these items and would like to give it a go then that would also be great. We would particularly like to see more handspun jumpers again, for men (longer length), ladies or children. Men might like the natural colours, but people are looking for colour in many of the smaller items and in children’s clothing. Look around at what people are wearing.

It can be difficult to store and display items adequately and comfortably in relation to the size of the stand that we have (which is the largest size available). We make every effort to change the display all the time and to make sure that everyone has items on display. This year we will again limit the number of items that can be submitted to (1)10 per person, or (2) 20 for smaller items under $10 value. This means that you must choose carefully and consider what is most likely to sell, or to attract the interest of the public. Very large items may be difficult to display. It helps to sell items if they are presented attractively.

As before the Guild will not be charging commission on items, but in order to go a little way towards offsetting the cost of getting the stall, which is considerable, we are asking that people who want to become involved in stocking it to pay a one off amount of $25 to be part of it. You can then set the price (within reason) for your own goods and can add on your few cents here and there to help recoup the $25 cost for yourself (a bit like putting your own commission onto the price). As we would like the costs of items to be within a similar price range we may negotiate with you on prices closer to the event to avoid huge discrepancies. Of course we cannot guarantee that everything will sell, but we intend to make the stand look attractive and to try to market our stock in effective ways.

Items will need to be delivered to Di Kearney, Louise Garwood or Shirley Tongs by Wed 7th October (firm date). We can arrange ways of doing this. If you have any questions call Di – 63944740

We will be using the same tagging system as before as this helps us considerably with selling and accounting. Garments need to have washing instructions attached. These are available from the Yarn store or contact Di. Accessories do not have to have them attached but it is a good idea to include washing instructions for handspun items.

Please consider helping us to put on a good show!

It is great advertising for the Guild.