Spinning Singles for Knitting & Weaving

Posted by VP for June Weaver on 11 March 2016 | 2 Comments

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Hand Spun Singles for Knitting & Weaving

In order to spin singles for knitting there must be less twist on the yarn - too much twist will cause your knitting to lean to one side.

On a Treadle Wheel:

To achieve this it is necessary to use the largest whorl you have on your flyer AND treadle more slowly or feed fibre through faster. Your tension must be set so wool is feeding through at about the same rate as you usually spin.

On an Electric Spinner:

It is very much easier to achieve - all you need to do is adjust the speed of the flyer to a much slower rate (with the knob that controls the speed of the motor). Just enough twist to hold the yarn together. Set the tension a bit lighter than you usually would. This puts less twist on the yarn and feeds it through faster.

Skeins should be washed as usual with a bit more agitation to set the fibres and prevent them from coming apart.

Wool can then be dyed and knitted as usual.

Singles are great for wefts in weaving.

by Guild member June Weaver - March 2016 (all samples in photos were spun and knitted by June in February 2016)