Kimbra Dye Day

Posted by VP for KS on 24 February 2016 | 1 Comments

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kimbradyeday21alpacaKimbra's story.

Days of rain and some storms like I have never seen and I am about to have a big dyeing day at my house. Renata is coming up from Queenie to do the natural dyeing bit (I just have to do the prep work) ….hahaha. So what am I going to do on Saturday………let me think? Let’s start with some Solar dyeing (in the rain) it will be fine in the next couple of days so that’s no problem. Some micro wave dyeing, and some Ombre dyeing (if I can get it to work) plus whatever other dyeing I can fit into the day. Yes I can hear you saying what is Ombre dyeing - well it is rolling a ball of light colored wool (not centre pull) and putting it into some dye and waiting to see how much it will take up to create a gradient.

Well Dean and the gang (4) including an old Burnie member from way back (nice to see her). Mum turned up with date scones and jams and cream filled sponges (I only got one piece people …..Not Happy).

Di Kearney (Lton) turned up and maybe a new member who is an avid crotchetier and would also like to learn how to spin, and a couple of stragglers……………..So while Renate is getting the natural dyeing on the go – heating the pots up – I got under way with some dyeing with food coloring, namely Wilton’s Delphinium Blue to show the group how the different colors separate under heat. The red and blue/purple separates first and a really pretty teal blue remains on top.

Then we prepared a couple of jars for solar dyeing. One was just for a solid color that did not turn out a solid color – very pretty (for something that was not supposed to work this way). Then I decided to do some ice solar dyeing ……more experiments. Happy with two outcomes but the third I re-dyed with a pink food color and that turned out just fine.  

The natural dyeing was done with Onion skins and alum, Wild cherry with alum and Eucalyptus crenularta with alum and iron (aka rusty chain) on it’s own. Some lovely colors indeed, and I got to keep the rest to continue playing with and exhausting the dyes.

Then we did some more………and this time it was with some wild cherry/alum (at this stage I would like to thank Di Kearney for going out of her way to get all this tree foliage, because I don’t know one tree from another)

Then we got to some of the microwave dyeing.

The only thing that we didn’t get done in all of this busy day was to get some jelly dyeing done but I will get to that another time. Thank you ladies and gents for making this day great.