Campbell Town Show 2014

Posted by VP for ST on 11 June 2014 | 4 Comments


The Campbell Town show , the 176th show, was held over the weekend of May 30 and 31. The Guild demonstrated Spinning and Weaving - weaving scarves in the Campbell Town colours. 

We set up small looms, (knitters looms, floor looms, peg looms and small table looms), and spinning wheels. On display were the 2 shawls and other items spun and knitted from the 2013 fleece.

Scarves and small pieces were woven in The Campbell Town Colours:

  • White - to represent the Wool industry and sheep
  • Red - for the Bridge
  • Yellow/Cream - for the Crops which are ready to harvest.
  • Green - for the Paddocks and fields
  • Blue - for the Elizabeth River.

Each weaver chose their own pattern and interracted with the general public over two days. It generated a lot of interest in the craft, the fibre and in the Guild as an organisation.

Huge thank you to Robyn Cox for many of the photos.