Bothwell SpinIN 2017

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Bothwell SpinIN is regularly supported by our Guild and it's members. The Longest Thread (an international competition), the Highland Challenge, the Yarn Store, Novelty event Fastest Longest Thread, the Mary Simons Challenge, and the new Val Payne Tribute; are all regular and significant parts of the SpinIN and all supported or conducted by Guild members. In addition, Tassie Felters, contributed a great display. Photos at the end of the words.

The Longest Thread:

Approximately 80 entries were received for this well established, internationally recognized competition. Each and every thread was recorded and measured for length and weight. Data is then collated, winners decided and certificates printed, again for every entry. Each entry is displayed during the event and attracts a lot of interest. Many Guild members are enlisted to help along the way, and this year coordinator Josiane Eve thanks Shirley, Valeri, Jutta, Christine, Maureen, Doris, Geoff and Dian, Jen, and husband Dave, without whom the job would have been much harder. As Josiane says, "It was wonderful to see our Tasmanian members enter the Longest Thread. They should be congratulated for their efforts and I was proud to see so many there".

The Longest Thread was won by Julitha Barber from Western Australia with a length of 966.721m from 10gm of merino fibre on her Traditional Wheel with a Lace Flyer. Amazing length. Congratulations. 

Tasmanian winners are

Wool - Ali Keywood with a length of 238.149 on the wheel, and Alpaca - Blanche Bejah with a length of 138.901 on the wheel. For the full list, download this pdf.

The Highland Challenge Championship:

This event is sponsored by our Guild. Teams of 4 attempt to be the first to finish a small knitted article, beginning with a bag of fleece, in 45 minutes. Usually 2 spinners and 2 knitters. Winners are judged on several criteria including time to finish, quality of spun yarn, quality of finished article and adhering to the pattern. Team members assembled outside the building as flocks of sheep wearing various fleece top knots. They represented different sheep breeds, including Polwarth, Ryeland, Samm, English Leicester, Border Leicester, Coopworth, Bond and more. The 'flock' were herded into the 'yard' to find their team area, but one breed, the Coopworth, decided to make a break for it. Our trusty 'sheep dogs' herded them into place and then serious part of the competition began.

The spinners in all groups were off to a flying start, while the knitters combed wool staples and read the new pattern, which usually always contains a Bothwell Bobble as one element. Two teams quickly finished in under the 45 minutes, two triangles - one with a bobble - sewn together to form a diamond. Judging and scoring resulted in winners being announced and all items displayed during the remainder of the event. The winning team received the perpetual shield, badges for their wheels and embroidered gift bags. Two runners-up teams received badges for their wheels and gift bags. All team members in the top three teams received certificates of participation. Although serious, this is an enjoyable event and thanks go to all volunteers who helped make it such a success.

The winning team, the Polworth group, with 213/300 points, was George Humphrey, Megan Leavy, Ann Kaye and Judy Blackburn.

The second team, the English Leicester group, with 190.45/300 points, was Barbara Davies, Juliane Stanway, Robyn Eyres and Debbie Atkins.

The third team, the Ryeland group, with 170.97/300 points, was Margaret Davies, Jose Tillema, Chis Buls and Nikki Armstrong.

South Hobart group like to point out they were in 2 of the 3 top teams, so the challenge is on for next time, who can beat South Hobart!!!

The Yarn Store:

Viv and Glenys took the Yarn store to Bothwell, and boy, did they make a success of that. To the extent they drove back down to Hobart after day 1 to return on day 2 with stock replacements. What a great opportunity it was to showcase the goodies from the Yarn Store to the visitors of the Bothwell SpinIN. Many were delighted with what was on offer. Membership renewals and new membership forms were well sought after with at least 10 new members signing up, and many more taking the paperwork home to attend to later.

The Fastest Longest Thread:

Who can spin the longest plied thread in 15 minutes on a wheel or spindle? The best outcome was laughter and friendship, although some took it very seriously. All the qualifying threads made it onto the Ball of Friendship once measured. Changing bobbins proved challenging with wheels that wouldn't co-operate under the pressure, and leaders that insisted on snapping or disappearing altogether! Many of us aqcquitted ourselves quite well. The wheel winner's thread stretched almost the length of the gymnasium, very impressive indeed. Hint to succeed for wheel users; time your spinning, changeover and plying, make sure your leaders don't let you down. Plying takes less time that spinning so try spinning 5 minutes on each bobbin, use two minutes for changeovers, and 3 minutes for plying. Find out what works for you, and don't stop too early on one or other bobbin. Hint to succeed for spindle users; use the Andean plying technique, taking care not to lose your end. PLY magazine edition Plying has a fast technique for small amounts that will work well for this challenge. (copies in the Guild library). You know, this was so much fun, we should try it monthly at our groups and hone our techqniques for the next SpinOUT or SpinIN. 

Wheel winner was Claire Bryan with a length of 18.5m, and Spindle winner was Eva Ruzicka with a length of 6.12m.

The Mary Simons Challenge:

The Mary Simon Perpetual Trophy honours Mary, who loved colour and was a member of the South Hobart Group. This year it was A Bag With A Purpose. Voting was conducted over the two days by Peoples Choice. 

The 2017 winners were:

First: Wilma Attrill, Second: Christine Buls, Third: Barbara Davies

The Val Payne Tribute:

Val Payne was a specialist breeder of Moorit coloured sheep. She started breeding these wonderful animals back in the 70's with spinning characteristics of the fleece in mind, and the flock continued until 2013. It is now continued by Josiane Eve, under the brand Valdas Way. Many beautiful moorit entries were received, well done to all who supported this initiative.

Winner: Shirley Tongs, with a Crocheted, Tartan-style rug

Runner up: Doris Banks, with a Shawl

Highly Commended: Joan Dicker, with a Shawl.

Tassie Felters:

This year a new group, the Tassie Felters, provided a brilliant display of a wide variety of felted items.

So in closing, it is heartening to see the HWSDG of Tasmania continue such strong support of the Bothwell SpinIN. Well done members.

Enjoy the photos, if you have some to contribute do send them to the Web Elf


Contributions by Eva Ruzicka, Valeri Pain, Shirley Tongs, Viv Crawford and Josiane Eve.