The Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild of Tasmania aims to bring together everyone who practises textile and fibre crafts for their mutual benefit, for the advancement of their crafts and discussions, demonstrations and exhibition. Note that the Guild rooms in Battery Point, Hobart, are open to all members to meet and network on each Thursday and the 2nd Saturday, 10 am to 1pm.

Header pic - Happy New Year to all our members, stay safe over the festive season

Bits & Pieces -
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* Birthday Party 2017 pics are up: on the Gallery Page

* President's Precis, Dec 2017 : please distribute a copy to all in your group.

* Workshops considerations for 2018: 

Ideas floating around include Techniques Common to Saori and Tapestry Weaving, Eco Dyeing, Learn to Weave, Learn to Spin, Painted Warps and Wool Tops, Rigid Heddle Weaving Techniques. If you have an interest in any of these, or other thoughts and requests, get in touch with your Workshops Officer.

* Theme for Ross Summer Day 20 January: LEFT OVERS

Everyone has them. Those half balls of yarn, thrums from the end of weaving, bits of felt from a project and so on. We’re not talking about recycling here, just using up those odds and ends that we keep ‘just in case’ or just throw into a plastic bag or the cupboard. They can also be cones of yarn, fleece dyed etc, bought for one project but with a surplus when that project is completed. (or someone else’s left overs!!!!)

Now is the time to resurrect your discard stash and make something to bring to Ross Summer Day. Items need to have some elements of leftovers – 10% or more and we’re aiming to see if someone can achieve something with 100% left overs.

* Felting Workshops with Anita Larkin: In February, check out the workshops page.

* Certificate of Competency in Hand Spinning: Interested? Check out the blog.

* Group meetings: If your group has had a change of venue, or contact point, please inform the web elf & the newsletter editor.

* Our 3rd publication: The Weaving Patterns of Edward Hussey, by Mary Williams. See the blog. Order the Book :)

* What Group Meets when?: Printable Calendar or a Table of Info

* Library: Have you checked out the latest additions to the library?

* Website change: Blogs about Workshops are now on a page under Workshops.

* Congratulations and a big Thank You to all the Guild members who volunteered for the current committee. See your committee here.

* Island Yarn Deadlines: Autumn edition end of 1st week in February; Winter edition end of 1st week in May; Spring edition end of 1st week in August; Summer edition end of 1st week in November.

* Advertising in Island Yarns: 

Members may advertise up to Two Lines (approx 30 words), for Free. Other prices: Up to 5 lines of text, no picture is $10. Up to half a page, with picture(s) is $40. Full page with picture(s) is $75. Payment must be made to the Treasurer in full before the advert will appear in the next issue of Island Yarns newsletter. Island Yarns is printed and mailed to every member quarterly. Contact the editor.

* Library News: Browse the Guild library online. This is not a loan facility but it does let you know what the Guild has in the way of brilliant library resources. The weird, the wonderful, the old, the new. Check it out 

* Do potential members ask you "Why should I join the Guild?". Here are some reasons why.

* Have you got a project of which you are especially proud? Share it with us and your fellow fibre artists, send a picture and some information to the Newsletter editor and to the Web elf.

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